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The greater participation of the private sector through public-private-partnerships will provide fertile ground to expedite the auctioning off of the 30% State stake in the electricity market as enscribed by the Ministry of Public Enterprises. Likewise, it will open the door to a broader private sector involvement in the provision of public goods. However, while increased state funding for improved public infrastructure complements and bolsters the path to higher economic growth, it should not be tied to soft loan schemes. In order to keep a check on unwise and out of target spending, it should rather be aligned to current government borrowing on the market.

Concerning the easing of the housing shortage for poor and indigent individuals, in what appears to be a Mzansi type initiative, dialogue between the financial sector and government is essential. The 2010 Soccer World Cup provides South Africa with a unique opportunity to build the country at social and economic levels, and generate many opportunities for SMMEs in a more enabling policy environment.

Participation by all stakeholders in this important event will contribute to its success. CHAMSA points out that implementation of the proposed schemes and projects in the Address remain of concern in an environment of inadequate civil service delivery referred to by the State President. Business is ready and willing to participate constructively in the processes that will result in a better life for all in the country.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is in the process of creating a silent revolution amongst South African Townships. The ILO in conjunction with a few South African counterparts, are working on this plan for the past year where it has now reached a starting point for the real revolution. 13 small businesses, each hand picked, will form the basis of this revolution. This will be known as EYB (Expand Your Business) and is a business development program which the ILO has successfully presented in some African countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Egypt and also in a few developed countries like Sri Lanka, Jordan and even China during the past 3 years.

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