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“The EYB is a unique, world wide program to assist growth orientated businesses to develop growth strategies for development. This helps them to jointly develop the four main operational areas, namely Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and Finances, in order to support a growth strategy”, said Dr. George Lindeque, Strategy Chief of CHAMSA, who initially approached the ILO to get it started in South Africa.

The four areas are handled in formal training modules of three days each. This results in a business growth plan for each individual business, which will be applied on the premises of each business, over a period of six month, to ensure that the growth plan is fully utilized and to assist with any problems that may occur. At the same time the businesses are assisted with contacts of credit providers like financial institutions, marketing companies and export companies.

There are thousands of small business owners in South Africa who are making a living from these businesses. “The program is focused to develop them to the next level of development”, says Lindeque. The cost involved is R24 000 per business of which approximately half of that will be sponsored by the ILO and the rest by CHAMSA. The past year the ILO program was tailor made for South Africans. “We insisted that it has a South African stamp”, says Lindeque.

At first he approached Seda, the small business development arm of the Department of Trade and Industry for assistance, but Seda first wants to see that a launch program be carried through to measure its success in South African townships. “We picked the candidates by questionnaires. We wanted businesses which were already in existence for a while, which had a operational structure in place and that showed growth potential”, says he. “Should the launch program prove to be successful, we will have to find corporate sponsors to apply the EYB in South Africa in a larger context. Molala-Saidi says 130 Zimbabwean entrepreneurs have already utilised the program. They have already completed it a year ago and the ILO is now busy to measure the success thereof.

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